This page has been designed to assist students in the construction of an Independent Science Project for Medford High School and Medford Vocational Technical High School.

Note that each course level has specific expectations of achievement. This particular page will be dedicated to reviewing the requirements for Biology (Standard and Honors). The Science Department is excited to offer Independent Science Project options for classroom credit. More importantly, we recognize the need for students to have choices in what they learn and to explore with a systematic approach, that for which they are passionate.

Tier II Expectations
1) Complete Annotated Project Proposal
  • Choose Valid Sources of Information (see below)
  • Avoid Plagiarism

2) Carry out an Experiment
  • Collect Data (3 trials per experimental group)
  • Make a graph
  • Calculate the Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Biology (standard/honors) Products:
3) Design and Produce a Poster or Powerpoint
4) Carry out a Presentation

Project Rubric (Uses School-Wide Rubric Expectations Adapted for either a Science or Engineering Project)

Video Resources:
Archimedes Initiative

Sources to Use for Writing an Annotated Project Proposal:
Purdue OWL Writing Center Resources
Sample Winning Project Proposal from Exploravision
C.R.A.P. Test
Close Reading Guide
Tiered Annotation Worksheet

Sample Close Reading Guide Assignment:
2014-2015 Honors Biology Student Packet

Sample Research Proposals
Summer University Research Proposals

Materials to Assist in Refining your Scientific Investigation:
Sample STEM Topics with Associated Tools and Restricted Research, Laboratory Safety Concerns

Practice Hypothesis Writing:
Sample Resource

Reliable Resources:
Medford Public Schools Library Website
Directory of Open Access Journals
Public Library of Science
National Science Digital Library

Competitions (If you are interested in participating in a competition, please see Mr. Cieri ASAP!):

Massachusetts State Science Engineering Fair
Toshiba Exploravision
Army eCybermission Competition (only up to grade 9)
Google Science Fair
DuPont Science Essay Challenge

Timeline (dates provided are for FINAL PRODUCTS at each STAGE, not the interim weekly work requested by your instructor)
December 3 - Annotated Project Proposal Due
January 23 - Data collection complete
February 9 - Poster/Powerpoint and Presentation
February 26 - School-Wide Science and Engineering Fair